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The aim of the IAAS is to promote the development and growth of high quality ambulatory surgery worldwide. To this end, it encourages an international exchange of ideas and stimulates programmes of education, research and audit.

The IAAS publishes the journal Ambulatory Surgery, holds biennial international congresses, assists with national meetings and lobbies national and international healthcare bodies.

These activities have resulted in the founding of new national associations for ambulatory surgery, a growth in ambulatory surgery rates worldwide and the incorporation of ambulatory surgery in the strategies of an increasing number of national healthcare providers and international bodies.

Beijing Declaration

To improve access to health care for all global vulnerable populations, including the poor, International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS) and China Ambulatory Surgery Alliance (CASA) will, by the way of announcing Beijing Declaration, call on developed and developing governments worldwide, the United Nations and its associated organizations, global non-governmental organizations and foundations for the poor, as well as physicians, surgeons and anesthesiologists, nursing staff and health managers around the world to take the initiatives to support the concept of ambulatory surgery, to develop a series of training courses in clinical technology, medical management and to promote the ambulatory surgery through theoretical and technical teaching and field observation. With concerted, courageous and innovative actions taken by the international community, the great goal that ambulatory surgery could be implemented in the world will hopefully has been achieved and the global poor could access to health care by 2030.                                          Follow this link to read full declaration

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Founded to promote high quality ambulatory surgery worldwide, the IAAS provides an international multidisciplinary forum for sharing information on the practice and development of this innovative approach to providing surgical care. This is facilitated by a biennial congress and Advisory Assembly. Full Members may send two delegates to the annual General Assembly meeting.

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Ambulatory Surgery provides a multidisciplinary international forum for all health care professionals involved in day care surgery. The editors welcome reviews, original articles, case reports, short communications and letters relating to the practice and management of ambulatory surgery. The journal also publishes book reviews and a calendar of forthcoming events.

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The General Assembly of the IAAS consists of 2 representatives from each member country.