14th IAAS Congress    Bruges      30th May - 1st June 2022


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Bruges Concert Hall





Theme of meeting - 'Let's take you home tonight.'

Our objectives


  • To promote the development of high quality ambulatory surgery.
  • To stimulate the formation of national associations for ambulatory surgery.
  • To promote education and training in ambulatory surgery for surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses.
  • To encourage multi-disciplinary working in ambulatory surgery.
  • To stimulate research in ambulatory surgery.
  • To form a database of ambulatory surgery and anaesthesia.
  • To promote the international exchange of knowledge and experience in ambulatory surgery.
  • To organise seminars and conferences on ambulatory surgery.
  • To develop internationally agreed guidelines for the practice of ambulatory surgery.
  • To publish the peer reviewed international journal, Ambulatory Surgery.
  • To collaborate with International healthcare bodies.