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Volume 26.1    


Mark Skues

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Intra-articular Morphine and Clonidine Injection after Hip Arthroscopy: A Randomized, Triple-Blind Controlled Trial
C.J. Cogan, V.K. Tjong, K.F. Dunne, S Sahota, J. Tuttle & M.A. Terry 
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Patient Satisfaction in Outpatient Total Shoulder Arthroplasty
S. Nagda, S. Patel, R. Churchill, J. Park & J. Lovallo 

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Pain in Ambulatory Surgery: 4 Year Experience of an Ambulatory Surgery Unit in a Tertiary Hospital:
N.M. Rodrigues, P. Ribeiro, F. Jesus & M. Caldeira  
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Preoperative Anxiety and Volume and Acidity of Gastric Fluid in Paediatric Patients undergoing Ambulatory Surgery
Y. Doi, R. Unita & Y. Hamasaki
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