IAAS Initiatives

Structural Reform Support Service Project SRSS/S2019/021                  


IAAS has initiated a project in association with the European Union through the Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS) to develop and promote ambulatory surgery in 8 hospitals in Central Hungary. This started May 2019.

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Beijing Declaration

Announced at our 12th International Congress of Ambulatory Surgery in Beijing in May 2017. Details here

Training Workshops

Day Surgery: Making it Happen is a 2½ -day international course on organizational models and best practices of day surgery. Course content draws on the experience of leading Day Surgery and Day Services throughout Europe and North America with the aim to provide evidence-based solutions adaptable to the different local situations. This course was originally supported by the Health Programme of the European Union - the IAAS continues to offer this programme.

IAAS - APCA Teach the Trainers course 

APCA organized a Teach the Teachers Course from 19 to 22 February 2018, with the support of IAAS, at Baptista Sousa Hospital (BS), on the island of S. Vicente - Cabo Verde.

The main objective of this course was to provide pre-graduate training to different professionals of the Baptist Sousa Hospital, in the area of Ambulatory Surgery, in order to help this Hospital to create an Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU).

The implementation of this ASU will require the creation of teams and experienced professionals in the context of the ambulatory surgical approach, thus allowing an improvement in the quality of assistance to the population of the island and contributing to the improvement of health indexes in Cabo Verde

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Final report of IAAS/APCA Teach the Teachers course 

Day Surgery Handbook

Developed by the IAAS to support the teaching provided during the Day Surgery:Making it Happen courses.

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The IAAS has played a key role in this project.

This initiative studied, reviewed and identified and promoted essential components of DS systems and units, i.e. structures, clinical and patients management processes. The project compared, selected and systematically promoted best practices and standards. It also developed measurement instruments to gauge patients compliance with protocols and DS managers and providers conformity with standard inputs and processes.


Day Surgery: Making it happen

In this document we examine how day surgery can respond both to the policy needs of hospital administrators and to the surgical care needs of specific patients. We also review the barriers that some countries are experiencing in day-surgery development and explore what needs to be put in place so that day surgery can achieve its full potential.







Day Surgery: Development and Practice

IAAS book: An outstanding book with contributions from leading experts in the field of ambulatory surgery all over the world was published in 2006. Members of the IAAS and member countries have access to an electronic version of this book after logging in.







International Terminology and Definitions

It is important that definitions within the field of ambulatory surgery is the same in the member countries. Therefore a number of terms have been defined and translated to several languages.








Day Surgery Data Project.

Day Surgery (DS) development represents a priority being an important opportunity for health systems reorganization. Strong evidence suggests that DS is the best option for 80% of elective surgical operations providing a safe, high quality and cost-effective approach. Visit the website for more details.

Click on this link to see video footage of feedback session from this project and to access full report.